Rates and Fees

Berthage Rates

Location Rate Position
Sidney Smith Wharf $1.55/metre/day Dockside
$1.05/metre/day 2nd or 3rd vessel out
Government Dock $1.80/metre/day Dockside
$1.05/metre/day 2nd or 3rd vessel out
East Dock $1.30/metre/day Dockside (small vessels)
North Slip $1.55/metre/day Dockside
$1.05/metre/day 2nd or 3rd vessel out


Storage Fee

$1.05/square metre/day

Harbour Usage Fee

$1,325.00/vessel/each entry (working cargo, more than 24 hours)

$375.00/vessel/each entry (less than 24 hours)

Note: special rates may apply to small vessels, contact Harbour Master

Contractor License Fees

General Contractors (eg Algoma Central Corporation, Canada Steamship Lines, Lower Lakes Towing Ltd)

Note: licensed general contractors include sub contractors

Fees: $7,000/year OR $1,000/month OR $500/week

Other Individual Contractors

Fees: $1,000/year OR $250/week


Rate to be determined based on commodity


Cost Recovery plus mark-up (25%)

All of the above fees and charges will be subject to HST.

harbour photo harbour photo

The March 28th 2014 divestiture of the Sarnia Harbour to the City of Sarnia will ensure that the harbour is well maintained as a public harbour. The availability of these harbour facilities are vital and essential to support the operations of Cargill AgHorizons Canada, which serves Agribusiness in Sarnia and Southwestern Ontario.

Mr. Terry Barros, Terminal Manager � Cargill AgHorizons Canada � Sarnia Terminal

City of Sarnia